Get the Life you Want:
The Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Get the Life you Want

  ISBN: 9780007292516

PREFACE (by Richard Bandler)

I have created behavioral technologies for four decades. When I first started out in the early 1970s, the field of psychology had its therapists and practitioners fighting about who had the correct approach. The argument seemed futile to me. Over fifty schools of different theories and applications failed to produce a single consistent result. I was born into the first age of information science, and I am a mathematician and scientist by trade. So I took a different road than psychology.

I did not look for "what went wrong" or the "whys." I did not look for cures. I looked at what worked, no matter how. If a few good therapists "fixed" anybody, I looked at what had happened. The result is what is now called Neuro-Linguistic Programming - that is, a series of lessons that teach what others have learned that works.

I must start out by thanking the psychiatrists who helped me originally. They provided me access to clients so I could test my work. They gave me information on those rare few clinicians - like Virginia Satir and Milton H. Erickson - who got results.

I also want to thank the courageous clients who let me teach them what I had found. For example, I looked at how more than 100 people got over fears and studied what was common to them all. Then I taught that process. Over these decades, I have refined and refined these procedures and, today, I believe they can help anyone change his or her life.

If you're plagued with the past, stuck in a fear, or just enable to get your mental motor running on time, this guide will offer a variety of ways to get your life in order. If you have spent too much time in therapy and too much money trying to do it yourself, this is for you. If you want to take control of your life, this will help you do so effectively. Just be very thorough. Do all exercises and take careful account of the information you read. It will make a difference.

I have broken this book into three pieces.
The first part is called "Getting Over It."
The second part is called "Getting Through It."
The third part is called "Getting To It."


Part One: Getting to know your own brain – taking your mental inventory
The power of your unconscious: the freeway to change
The qualities of your thoughts: understanding submodalities
Running your own brain: changing your neurochemistry
Building new beliefs: the structure of certainty
Timelines: learning how you mentally code time

Part Two: Getting over it
Getting over bad suggestions
Getting over fears and phobias
Getting over bad memories
Getting over grief
Getting over bad relationships
Getting over bad decisions

Part Three: Getting through it
Getting through habits and compulsions
Getting through physical recovery
Getting through resignation
Getting through big events
Getting through tests (exams and interviews)
Getting through obligations

Part four: Getting to it
Getting to fun
Getting to love
Getting to meet people
Getting to important duties (taxes and study)
Getting to exercise
Getting to be more organized
Getting to make more money
Getting to make big decisions

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